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Four Things You Should NOT Do In Your Social Media Marketing

All of us have come across multiple blog posts, tips and article on what has to be done on social media and how to get your campaign up and running. But, here is a set of things you must avoid to get your social media on a high and avalanche great heights! This list includes a few mistakes that brands make quite often, so let’s look at them and learn what not to do.

1. Schedule and forget

You are a brand, and in the initial stages of marketing we are try to give the brand a human image so that the people can relate with it better. But, when you automate everything you are invariably cancelling this attempt and make your brand very robotic. Something that is automated cannot sound authentic and have a human touch to it. You must also participate in the posts, having an attitude of scheduling a post and forgetting about it is not going to help your brand awareness.

2. Expansion to all platforms

When brands are getting started with their social media campaigns, they tend to make a profile on every possible social media platform. This is not the right thing to do for any brand or profile. You will get your hands into too many platforms; it doesn’t let you focus completely on any platform while also negating you from exploring the complete potential of a platform.

3. Get too emotional

As a brand, you want to have a human connect with the audience but you do not want to get too emotional, unless you’re running a political campaign which would require a lot of soft sell. Try not to get into any political or religious issue, as it would take away half of your audience if not anything else. You could use your energy to focus on the right target of your brand, which is getting the sales and solving your customers’ problems. You do not need to get carried away with emotions when replying to angry customers, keep your head calm and work towards solving their query. Move to a direct chat as soon as possible in such a case.

4. Focus only on sales

When on a social media platform, it is important to engage with the audience and make them relate with your brand image. If you only focus on the sales bit you will not only lose out on your audience but you will also exhaust your content at a very early stage. It is important to have engaging content and keep the audience entertained and tuned to your brand.

Staying away from these false techniques could help your social media marketing in dynamite ways, it will not only help you establish yourself as a brand but also help build a successful campaign.

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