How to Make Your Content More Personalised Using Surveys!

July 25, 2017



Surveys are one of the most important and effective tools when it comes to gauging your customers’ view on your product/service and getting constructive, valuable feedback. This is also one of the best ways to know what your customers are seeking from your product/service; you can ask them directly through your surveys. With the age of digital technology it is not difficult to adopt the “ask the audience” service, all you have to do is create a survey form online and build an engaging strategy that drives your user to the survey form.


Let’s have a look at how you can create effective survey forms for content marketing. Along with working on getting the customers to fill your survey form, you must make sure you get the right results from this activity. You can do the follow things to get the most out of your survey activity:


1. Set a specific goal


Your survey should have a specific goal that is to be achieved. The survey should begin with a broad question and then break into small questions about the details of your survey. This broad question must cover reach, reputation or results.


2. Choose a tool


Choose a tool that can suffice all the needs for your survey. They must have diverse question patterns so that your questions can be accommodated in it. You could use tools like Google Survey Forms or SurveyMonkey to create your surveys.


3. Refrain from open-ended questions


Choose questions that are easy to answer, always. A person taking a survey does not wish to apply his/her brain to frame the answers. Give them a question that can be answered with multiple choice questions. You could also give them options from highest to lowest for their answer.


4. Keep it up to the point


A survey is mostly a task that people indulge into when they do not have much to do. This is mostly in their free time, so make sure that they are not asked too many questions that might not be directly relevant to your test results. Try to cut down the number of questions, this will make it easier for them to complete it and maintain a high quality of answers throughout the survey.


5. Make sure you hit the users at the opportune time


The timing at which you send the link of a survey to your customers is integral. It must be sent at a time when they are not involved in a tedious activity, you shouldn’t catch them at this time; it would mostly result in them ignoring it as they are quite busy with the task at hand already. Hit them at a time when they would be free, commuting or spending time on their devices.


After this, let’s look at how you can seamlessly adopt this method in your content marketing campaign:


1. Use a CTA


A CTA is the best way to drive the viewers to the survey, specially if you wish for them to indulge in a long survey. Include a CTA at the end of your newsletter, social media post or a blog post that redirects them to your survey.


2. Survey Incentives


A survey is something your customer is giving you. They would be satisfied if they receive something in return for this activity. What you must know is that your customers will never want to do anything without an incentive, and even if they do, an incentive will push them harder.



3. Publish Results


Fortunately, results of your survey are something that you can publish through your content marketing. Round up your results, analyze them and publish them in a blog post or an article. The customers would be happy to view the results of a survey they participated in, it could also encourage other customers to take the surveys in the future.


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