New Metrics Launched: Facebook Covers a Loop Hole in the Metrics System!

July 7, 2017



Facebook has never shied off from showing metrics to the advertisers, even after showcasing some errors in the past. It has provided the marketers with new measurements on every possible occasion.


In a new announcement, Facebook informed its users that they will be providing even more details about the users that are engaging with their content on the social media website. They will provide details about how many people have actually been redirected to the landing pages of the website.


The new announcement by Facebook about the metrics has left many of its users with little clue about the changes. The Facebook metrics already included the number of members that were redirected to marketers website, so what is new about this update by Facebook? To define briefly, Facebook will now give the users a metric that actually tells them the number of users that were redirected to their website.


In the earlier feature, the metric included all the clicks that were made on the website as conversions and redirections. The problem here was that even if the people clicked on the ad, they would not always end up reaching the page. They would click on the link and would get halted by various reasons including a slow internet connection. Facebook metric would include these numbers in the reports, and this is where the gap existed. The number by Facebook was not actually the number of people that visited the website or engaged with the content on it.


The new update although has taken this error into consideration and counts only members that have engaged with the content, this means that webpage has loaded and the viewer has spent around 30 seconds or more on the page. This new feature has come in as a big relief to most marketers as Facebook has successfully covered one of the loop holes in its metrics systems. Marketers looking for people to not only click on their ads but actually visit their sites will have the option to tell Facebook to prioritize the “landing page views” metric when buying ads using Facebook’s “traffic” objective.


Apart from this, Facebook also has made plans to inform the marketers about the number of new visitors out of the ones that have visited their website. This metric will take note of the new visitors on your website in the “pre-impression activity breakdown” segment. The new visitors include people who have not visited the marketers site in a period of less than the most recent 28 days. To make sure this feature functions in optimum ways, Facebook will ask its advertisers to embed the tracking mechanisms in their website or apps so that Facebook can connect someone who has visited their site or app to their Facebook accounts.


In addition to the new ad metrics, Facebook will also roll out new measurements — again “in the coming weeks” — for marketers interested in how people encounter their Pages on the social network.


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