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Facebook Introduces Canvas with Full- Screen Displays for Collection Ads

Facebook, a platform that is home to about 1.28 billion people, has introduced a new feature which basically collaborates two of its existing features. The two features collaborating in this new one are the Facebook Canvas and the Collection Ads. The ads will include a number of product images representing the collection ads and a large photo or video representing the Facebook canvas.

With this introduction of this new feature, there are also three new canvas templates that are added to the available canvas backgrounds. These new templates were added with an idea of bringing new customers, selling products and showcasing businesses.

This feature was also under test for a while and was tested by businesses like BarkBox, Micheal Kors and Dollar Shave Club. This feature enables user to click on the canvas ad and then takes them to the landing page that includes anything from full-screen photo galleries, videos, product descriptions or other additional links. This feature has also validated the test of campaigns through the Canvas hub created by Facebook. It allows the ad designers to create canvas mock-ups and share with the team on Facebook itself.

Facebook has now moved from being a desktop platform – it was initially launched to be used on desktops primarily – to a mobile platform. The number of mobile users on Facebook is substantially higher as compared to the desktop users. With the rise in these numbers, the company is striving towards making mobile ads easier for the advertisers. The collection ads were added in March by the Facebook team on the mobile platform with an eye to enable the easy installation of the Canvas ads through this feature on the mobile platform.

The latest feature update is primarily added to increase the discovery for products on the Facebook mobile app. The collection ads were also launched with the same idea in mind and hence included shoppable image tiles. This feature is in accordance with the expansion of Google’s Shopping and Product Listing Ads. The idea is to monetize the growing crowd interest in combing content and the commerce on mobile as most youngsters are relying on their phones for all e-commerce activities.

Facebook videos are also beginning to up the game in the marketing business. They are becoming one of the most clicked ads and are driving a great number of sales. Animoto productions, a cloud bases video service, conducted a study on these Facebook ads and have published the results. They found that about 64% of consumers were reported to have made a purchase after watching a marketer’s video on Facebook in the past month. It also found that 84% marketers believe that Facebook videos drive sales and are actively investing the Facebook ad campaigns.

With around 60% of the consumers being exposed to branded video content on a daily basis, the canvas and collection ads will create a bundle of opportunity for the marketers to explore!

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