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New AdWords Experience by the End of 2017

A brand new AdWords experience is expected to be available for the AdWords manager by the end of this year, according to a new update from the Google team. If you are among of the lucky ones, you might already have it as it has already been made available to a significant number of AdWords accounts. If you are among the people who haven’t received the update yet, you’d unfortunately have to wait till the end of this year to have it.

OR, if you are really excited and wish to have it on your Google AdWords accound right away, then you can let Google know about your wish and you might just get an early upgrade to the new features of Google AdWords.

According to the blog by Google:

“The new AdWords experience marks the most powerful change we’ve made to how advertisers visualize and manage their campaigns in over 15 years. The redesign makes AdWords significantly easier to use to help you reach your unique marketing goals and get things done”.

Like every other update and feature, this one was out for a trail too and was previewed with some users, here’s how some of the features look:

1. Creating a New Campaign

2. Performance Analysis

3. Landing Page Report

The new update has also introduced options for smarter planning in the DoubleClick Bid Manager, Adwords account integrations directly with Google optimize and Google surveys and the availability of ‘Unique Reach’ for AdWords accounts. If you are an in the AdWords game, we are sure you are waiting to get your hands on this new update. Well if not now, you must have it by the end of this year. Watch this space for more updates on digital marketing trends and launch of new features!

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