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Google Launches Similar Audiences for Search and Shopping

In a blog post on their website, Google finally announced the launch of similar audiences for search and shopping. There has been a long wait before the roll-out of this feature - Google had first talked about this feature way back in May of 2016.

With this feature, similar audiences can be built on the basis of the past visitors on your website such as remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). Along with this, Google officially announced the global availability of customer match targeting for shopping campaigns.

Here are some key features of the new update by Google:

  • With similar audiences for search and shopping, you can use your own data to reach the right customer with the right message.

  • Similar audiences helps you find people who share similar interests with your best customers - right when they’re searching for products and services like yours - making it easy to expand your reach by connecting with more people searching for a similar product or service that you offer.

  • Lists are constantly and automatically updated as users change their search activity. Once a user visits a site, they’ll no longer be included on the similar audiences list.

  • Remarketing lists will automatically qualify for similar audiences expansion when they meet certain criteria including having at least 1,000 cookies and enough recent participants who exhibited similar search behaviours.

  • You might also want to keep in mind that similar audience lists do not apply to sensitive categories.

Here’s an example of this feature by Google:

Say you’ve created a remarketing list of people who bought running shoes from your sporting goods site. Instead of helping you reach broad groups of people interested in ‘running’, similar audiences will identify that people on this list tended to search for ‘triathlon training’ and ‘buy lightweight running shoes’ before coming to your site and making a purchase. Based on this, similar audiences will then find other people with similar search behaviour such as people who searched for ‘buy lightweight running shoes’.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a leading global auto company, used the similar audiences feature for search purposes to increase conversions by 22%. Amy McNeil, Head of Digital Marketing at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US, said:

“Similar audiences for search has helped us reach auto shoppers more efficiently while improving our ability to connect with them in critical moments throughout their purchase journeys. In less than two months, similar audiences for search delivered an 11% increase in click through rate and 22% more conversions across our test campaigns.”

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