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LinkedIn Integrates ‘Matched Audiences’ for Advertisements

In a recent blog post, LinkedIn announced that it has crossed 500 million users. The last update was not very long ago in October 2016 when the number was 467 million. The LinkedIn user base is getting stronger by the day and is spread over 200 countries around the globe.

Unlike other networks, LinkedIn counts the number of registered users and not the number of Maximum Active Users (MAU). For example, there are more than 1.3 billion registered users but the MAU falls down to 319 million users. Keeping a note of this, a few analysts say that the active members on LinkedIn are likely to be around 250 million which is almost half the count of their registered users.

A reason why LinkedIn counts its registered users is that it is not affected by the number of active users like other social media platforms. This is because LinkedIn is able to uphold its own specific niche audience and the content is also directed to a certain target group i.e. professionals. When users are advertising on LinkedIn, they look to target a certain sector of their audience so that it is justified for LinkedIn to count the number of registered numbers.

With each connection you make, the total reach of your professional community grows and so do your career opportunities. Every connection:

  • reflects an average of 400 new people you can get introduced to and begin to build relationships with

  • encompasses 100 new companies who may be looking for the skills and talents you offer and

  • represents connections to an average of 500+ jobs

In a separate announcement, LinkedIn stated that they had added another new feature called ‘matched audiences’. This is LinkedIn’s variation of the retargeting with three options, namely:

Website retargeting

This feature allows the audiences to create audiences based on the visitors on their website so that they can be retargeted on LinkedIn. This feature is similar to the retargeting on most of the social platforms.

Account targeting

Your ads can now target a list of companies that are chosen by you and you can upload lists according to your preference. The list you upload will be matched by LinkedIn to its database and the ad will then reach people employed at the companies mentioned in your list.

Contact targeting

You can now upload your own database of users with email addresses and then target them through your ads. You could also connect directly though Marketo, Oracle Eloqua or LiveRamp.

You can have a look at LinkedIn’s explanatory video on the feature here.

Overall, some interesting news has come from LinkedIn in the past few days and some impact-worthy new ad tools to consider as well. It's worth taking a closer look at the concept of matched audiences and considering its potential in your next advertising strategy.

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