Quick Tips for creating a successful Google AdWords Campaign

September 13, 2016


Google AdWords are a powerful tool in online marketing and they can be a great source of new leads, especially for small businesses. With it, you can create incredibly complex, high targeted, low cost and high conversion campaigns. It may seem apparently easy to set up a Google AdWords campaign- just enter your credit card info, pick out some keywords, write an ad and you’re off! However, creating successful AdWords campaigns is no easy task and requires quite a bit of planning, brain storming and adjusting on your part.


To make your job easier, here are 10 brilliant tips gathered from AdWords experts that will help you achieve AdWords success -

  • Highlight what makes you unique- Go ahead and showcase your products and offers that make you competitive. Ad extensions are also a good way of increasing your relevance.

  • Avoid grammatical and formatting errors- Make sure your ads meet high professional and editorial standards with no extra spaces or strange formatting.

  • Keep your target customer in mind- Your ads need to raise customer interest and lead the customer towards action. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action!

  • Make conversion tracking your priority- Measuring the sales generated by your AdWords campaign is important, otherwise you’ll never know which keywords and ads are generating sales and which are just losing money. 

  • Use negative keywords- This will help to streamline your ad, presenting it on more relevant search result pages.

  • Don’t mislead customers- Ensure that each ad group is entirely relevant for the landing page you’re promoting and that it’s only being displayed for relevant queries.

  • Create a dedicated landing page- A customer has found your ad compelling, clicked on it and landed on your website, but now what? Make sure you have a congruent landing page that matches the keyword and the ad.

  • Make use of the right keywords- Find the right balance between keywords that are too narrow and keywords that are too generic, like being too specific and not being specific at all.

  • Try not to use broad match- Broad match is quite volatile and you have very little control over what search terms your ads are actually appearing for because your keywords may be accompanied by other random queries. Instead, go for phrase match.

  • Don’t ignore mobile- With mobile search volumes exceeding desktop search this year, ensure that you are using mobile-preferred ads to cater to the mobile users.

If you follow these steps and include all 10 tips in your campaign, then you will be well on your way to a profitable Google AdWords campaign. Good luck!

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