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Facebook Messenger introduces new chat plug-in for business customers

To help businesses “reach their customers in new and engaging ways”, Facebook has rolled out a much-awaited feature for its messaging application. It will allow businesses to integrate Messenger into their website so that if a conversation with a customer begins on their website, it can easily be continued on Messenger.

The biggest functionality of this is that the customer can stay connected even on the go, without having to stay on the website or needing a separate application. People can now chat with businesses seamlessly on different versions of Messenger- web, mobile, and tablet. Even that chat history won’t be lost and will be transferred onto Messenger!

Another more appealing benefit of this update is the ability to use Messenger’s own features by a business. Messenger has many capabilities such as payments, NLP, and rich media, which can be very useful for an enterprise. The media template allows businesses to add a Call-to-Action button to any images, videos, gifs etc. Attaching a share button also gives them the opportunity to increase engagement.

This update to the Messenger platform is a part of Facebook’s strategy of targeting business customers. They tested ads on Messenger which would let businesses contact users with offers to chat, shop, sign up for updates and discounts, etcetera. Earlier this year, the company also launched new discovery mechanisms for finding Messenger bots which allowed its “M” in-app assistant to suggest businesses’ bots when relevant to conversations.

How different companies will use these features is dependent on them but the scope for creating innovative customer experiences is huge. Some companies are bound to come up with clever strategies to enhance convenience and preferability for its customers. We will be seeing many interesting examples in the next few months.

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