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Google Favours Mobile Friendly Websites in the Results Page

Few months ago, Google officially announced that it will favour websites that are mobile friendly. This change was termed as Mobilegeddon. This provoked millions of website owners to make changes to their websites so that it works well on mobile phones.

According to a recent study, which was done by Moovweb, it was seen how Mobilegeddon is affecting website rankings in the search engine results page (SERP).

They decided to conduct the study to see if the search results were actually “Mobile Friendly”. In this study, they tracked over 1000 important e-commerce keywords, across various industries, to see how mobile friendliness has impacted search results.

It was found that about 83% of the time, the top results on Google were mobile friendly. Also, 81% of the time, the top three results were mobile friendly. And on the first page of Google’s SERP, 77% of the results were of mobile friendly websites.

This study only proves the importance of making your website mobile friendly. It is a severe call-for-action for all the websites who haven’t done it yet.

Guess, Mobilegeddon is a massive deal after all and no website can escape it.

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