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Top 7 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve already seen what Social Media Marketing is. It may seem very simple, but there are many mistakes that you might be making without even realizing it.

Here are the Top 7 Sins of Social Media:

1. Starting a Campaign without a Proper Strategy in Place

Getting a proper strategy in place is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of any Social Media campaign. Businesses that don’t have a strategy will never cut through the clutter. You need to have measurable goals, develop a proper social media policy, have clear objectives, schedule the posts, etc. Without proper strategy, even the best campaigns can fail.

2. Not Integrating with Other Digital Assets

The primary and the most basic mistake that businesses most often make is, not integrating their different social media accounts. Social Media is most effective when it is integrated with all the digital assets. You shouldn’t leave any channel in isolation; each of them should be linked to one other. Not tying all this assets will directly impact your reach.

3. Not Interacting with Followers

This is the biggest Social Media mistake that you can make. Social Media is an interactive platform and hence consumers expect a certain amount of responsiveness. Thanking people for following, responding to complaints and compliments, etc. helps you build better relations with your consumers.

4. Post too much Spam

A good campaign should contain a diverse range of content. Selling is an objective, but you can’t keep on posting the same thing over and over again. If your business has a lot of products and you post different images of different products, then it is acceptable; but you should not be posting “Call us now”, “Call us now” ,etc. repetitively. If your followers find no value in your posts then they may even unsubscribe.

5. Overreact to Negative Remarks

Marketers who are beginners usually make this mistake. They need to be calm, patience and polite. You cannot afford to lose your temper or respond rudely. If you lose your cool inside a store, only the people who witness the scene will know about it; but if you lose your cool on Social Media, it might end up seriously affecting your brand image.

6. Get Religious

As a businessman, you cannot afford to take a religious stand. You can’t support/ be against any religion. There are a lot of faiths in the world and you never know whom you might end up offending. You can spark a huge controversy if any statement is taken negatively and it might end up hurting your company’s image.

7. Buying Likes or Followers

YES! This may end up hurting your brand more than helping. Some brands still believe that it’s all about the numbers. But, buying likes and followers may instead, end up decreasing your overall reach.

Fake fans will never interact or engage with your page which might indicate that maybe your content isn’t interesting enough. This will reduce your credibility in the public eye. And your account could also be deleted if Facebook manages to find out about your manipulative tactics.

To make sure that your SMM campaign is a success and has no errors, it is best to consult a professional.

These ideas are based on experience with personal and client accounts. We at Edgytal take pride in helping our clients add business value through Social Media Marketing. To find out more on how we can help, give us a shout and we will be happy to line up a discussion.

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