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Google Mobile Searches Surpasses Desktops and Tablets

We now know that the news is official as, in its Adwords blog, Google writes,

“More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.”

Since 2007, there has been a major transformation in the internet usage trends. Apple launched its first iPhone and with that, it became easy to access the Internet even on our mobile phones. This led to a new generation of phones called the “Smartphones”. A lot of companies came up with phones that had similar features. Such devices were made so that people could stay connected to the Internet, wherever they go. And latest reports show that people use the Internet more on their smartphones as compared to on their laptops.

To keep up with this transition, Google renovated its search recommendation system to favour websites that are easier to read and load on smartphones. This change is known as Mobilegeddon. This prodded millions of marketers to make changes on their websites so that they work well on phones so as to avoid themselves from getting demoted in the Google search results.

Google's average ad prices have been declining since the past few years, mainly because advertisers are not ready to pay the same amount for the ads displayed on smaller screens. Although the company says that ad prices will steadily increase as marketers recognise the value of being able to reach their target market at any time and any place.

Google is also introducing ad formats that work better on phones such as swiping through rather than clicking and opening each link. This not only saves a lot of time, but also helps them compare between different websites.

Google is also trying to woo developers to pick Android over iOS. It is developing a new system that will allow the developers to try out various versions of their app's profile pages in the Google App Store. For example, they can lower the price of an app, just to see how many people download it. They can also try out different colours, themes and video placement, and then track how people react to the changes. So with this tool, Google is trying to persuade developers to pick Android over iOS.

Like Jerry Dischler, Google Inc. Vice President and also in-charge of Adwords Blog said “The future of Mobile is now”.

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