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August 17, 2018

Responsive search ads let you create ads that adapt to show more text—and more relevant messages—to your customers. By adapting your ad’s content to more closely match potential customers’ search terms, responsive search ads can greatly improve your campaign’s performa...

August 12, 2018

It’s a known fact that Snapchat caters to a younger audience. Since a majority of rising trends are first identified by younger groups (who are much more active on social networking sites as compared to older groups of users), it seems that having such an audience is b...

August 7, 2018

Video is a part of our life in almost every single way. If you were to look up statistics about video marketing and video content, you’d find that they’re both growing at a rapid pace. With 1/3rd of online activity is being spent watching video, half a billion people w...

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