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webdevelopmentAccording to the Small Business Administration, businesses that have websites are averaging $1.07 million more per year in sales than businesses that are not online. That equates to 39% higher revenue. In conclusion, companies that have websites will continue to benefit, and those that have mobile-friendly, user-friendly, and optimized sites will beat out competitors by offering users a higher quality website experience.
According to a survey conducted in India, 63 % of the respondents who already have a website say their business grew once they their website was up and running, with nearly a third witnessing growth in excess of ten percent.
Web development broadly refers to the technique of developing websites or web pages hosted on the Intranet or Internet. The Web development process includes Web registration, Web design, Web content development, Web Hosting, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks.

Web Development Services

Domain Registration

Our team is equipped with specialists that make it simple, fast and inexpensive to provide you with the domain name you want. This allows you to own your own piece of web business rather than relying on other services to hold all of your information for you.

Web Hosting

We offer a wide range of technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Our web hosting team manages the server, its network connection, its configuration and its upkeep. We handle the different types of web hosting including: Shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated, and Cloud Hosting.

Web Design

Our highly skilled Web designers take into account the latest trends and tools before planning the layout, color scheme, and general design of a website. We don’t just make it aesthetically pleasing, but also make it easy to navigate, so visitors can find exactly what they need as soon as possible.

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