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With the rapid evolution of digital media in the last few decades, the use of digital marketing is not only an investment-wise decision but also an effective marketing channel for the growth of a business. Digital Marketing techniques provide the best chances for survival and help in securing an edge over competitors. Edgytal offers extensive trainings with the aim of capturing a growing and lucrative online marketplace for a steady business growth.

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Focus on decision makers

The program is tailor-made for Startup Founders, SME Owners and CMOs in small- to medium-sized enterprises. These are the people that occupy the key decision making positions and the program helps them define the guidelines of digital marketing and helps them make better decisions.

Convenient half day and weekends

Most of the decision makers are working throughout the week on flourishing their business, our program benefits everyone as we serve you on the weekends and don’t take more than half of your day in providing you with a complete overview of digital marketing, knowledge about all the platforms and certain strategies according to your business type. The training is delivered in a crisp, conversational and example-led format that is easy to understand and retain.

Real world examples

With all our speakers and trainers having in-depth experience in the world of digital marketing, we make sure you get the best possible training from the experts. Our trainers base their presentations and key points in the session from their real world experience in the industry and show examples of actual digital marketing campaigns.  This makes it easier for the attendees to understand certain concepts better and provide characteristic knowledge about the subject.

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