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Messenger Ads are now a Global Feature!

Initially launched and tested in Australia and Thailand, Messenger ads, like one of the many other Facebook features, have successfully passed the test period are now a globally accessible feature. The feature will be available to all businesses to run their ads on messenger through the Facebook Advert Manager. The advertising feature also allows advertisers

New Metrics Launched: Facebook Covers a Loop Hole in the Metrics System!

Facebook has never shied off from showing metrics to the advertisers, even after showcasing some errors in the past. It has provided the marketers with new measurements on every possible occasion. In a new announcement, Facebook informed it’s users that they will be providing even more details about the users that are engaging with their

All You Need To Know and Do on World Social Media Day!

Every festival, day or tradition is treated with utmost importance, so we thought it would not hurt anyone to know a little about #SocialMediaDay, (which coincidently happens to be today, just kidding, this is obviously an article that was worked on over the week for today) with regards to the increasing use of social media

Snapchat Introduces Ad Tools for Marketers in New Update!

                image source Starting off as an app based for sharing images and daily updates among friends, Snapchat had cultivated a strong user base, mostly including millennials. Snapchat has slowly moved into the ad space for the marketers and has stepped up its game with the new update

Facebook Introduces Canvas with Full- Screen Displays for Collection Ads

Facebook, a platform that is home to about 1.28 billion people, has introduced a new feature which basically collaborates two of its existing features. The two features collaborating in this new one are the Facebook Canvas and the Collection Ads. The ads will include a number of product images representing the collection ads and a

Instagram Stories, Businesses, Brands and Influencers!

Stories came, stories conquered and stories are here to stay. All of us know about the chaos that surrounded the stories feature on Instagram and WhatsApp which led to a mass disapproval for the feature on WhatsApp. The journey of this feature on Instagram has been slightly different to what happened with WhatsApp; stories were

New AdWords Experience by the End of 2017

  A brand new AdWords experience is expected to be available for the AdWords manager by the end of this year, according to a new update from the Google team. If you are among of the lucky ones, you might already have it as it has already been made available to a significant number of

Now, ‘Order food’ Directly from Facebook!

In a new update, Facebook announced the integration of a new button on the mobile app and the desktop website; this button is known as the “Order food” button. Yes, you can now directly order food from Facebook, without having to switch to another app/website. Facebook is slowly moving towards becoming an app for all

A Guide on ‘How to Turn Potential Customers into Buyers’

A retail seller is always hoping to find the right consumer at the right time with the right product, to crack a sale. You want to catch them at the point where they are deciding if they want to buy a product or not. If there is any time when you want to implement a

Does Your Google Analytics Data Not Match Your Facebook Insights? Here’s why

Have you been on the receiving end of a client’s tantrums on why the insights are different and why this is happening or been bothered yourself about why there is such a stark difference in the Google Analytics and the Facebook Insight? If yes, then we feel you and that is exactly why we have

Google launches similar audiences for Search and Shopping

              In a blog post on their website, Google finally announced the launch of the similar audiences for search and shopping. There has been a long wait before the roll out of this feature, Google had first teased this feature way back in May of 2016 and has finally

LinkedIn now has 500 million users; integrates ‘matched audiences’ for Ads.

In a recent blog post, LinkedIn announced that it has crossed 500 million users. There has been a significant rise in the number of users as the last update for 467 million users was not very long ago in October 2016. The LinkedIn user base is getting stronger by the day and is spread over

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